Max Bronstein

Trumpet Player - Animateur

BMus(Hons), LRAM



Eboracum Baroque Orchestra: BaRocks!

Handel - Music for the Royal Fireworks

Duxford, Babraham, Icknield and Bellbird Primary Schools

Sawston, Cambridgeshire

WATCH: Handel - Fireworks Music

Fineman - Roaring Rockets

(Password - to be announced)


- Animateur for Eboracum BaRocks

- Director of Learning and Participation for Constella OperaBallet

- Primary Music Teacher for Moriah Primary School and Maple Walk School

- Brass Instrument Teacher for Hertfordshire Music Service, Stanborough Park School, Jewish Free School and private pupils

- Volunteer Scout Leader for 3rd Edgware Scout Group



Undergraduate Studies at: The Royal Academy of Music, University of London 2010-14


Principal Study: Trumpet

Related Study: Baroque Trumpet Performance

Degree Result: Upper second-class (2-1)


Additional studies in:

  • Principals of Teaching, with Paul Harris
  • Intermediate and Advanced Orchestral Conducting, with Paul Brough
  • Arrangement and Computer Transcription, with Dr. Timothy Bowers
  • LRAM for teaching brass, with John Hutchins


Professors of trumpet:

James Watson, Mark David, Rod Franks, Gareth Small, Paul Beniston and Andy Crowley


Professors of Baroque trumpet:

Robert Farley and David Blackadder